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Outstanding Personalities

Captain Courageous

Glory Days : Reliving the batting exploits of Charlie Joseph By Bernard VanCuylenburg With grateful appreciation to Tilak Pananwela.   The title I originally chose for this article was Two Days in March when I realised that a few years ago, there was a movie with a name that was almost similar – I …

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There is a bond, a camaraderie, among the quadrangle schools. There is a kind of feeling we are a special group. There is a special spirit among the old boys of quadrangle schools that continues to be a unifying force around the world. In my experience, wherever I have travelled and met old schoolmates, or even other old Petes for the first …

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This That and The WAR

going down the memory lane with AIR CHIEF MARSHALL ROSHAN GOONETILEKE “We should resolve never to allow divisions to occur in Sri Lanka” As I approached Air Chief Marshall Roshan Goonetileke’s house which is situated in the outskirts of Colombo, I was wondering what to expect from a man who …

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